Friday, May 27, 2011

Initiate's Hobbie Progress!

Greetings Everyone!  I'm going to start by saying I'm holding off on the Fluff for a bit.  Doesn't seem to add anything and I really don't get the traffic to justify it (hopefully yet).  With that said I've got two polls up on the right I'd really appreciate you all making clicky clicky on.  If you have a moment please leave comments!  I need to know what you all think and generally just need feedback.

With that out of the way I have a few photos of my Ravens that I've completed.  So lets take a look!

A Dark Angels Marine with a Death Company chain sword.
This model is the first fully completed 'standard' marine.  I know it is a Dark Angels model but this is how to represent my Sergeants.  I like the robed look and it does deviate slightly from the "Blood Raven" lore.  One thing I really like about the marine models it that he could be a Assault Marine, a Veteran, or even a Blood Claw / Grey Hunter.  I just have so many options for a Marine player!
He's been done for a while the backpack is what I just finished up.
I magnetize all of my models that could field Jump Packs so that I can go back and forth but it really seems Jump Packs are a waste of resources in competitive play.  Yes I do use "Quick Shade" from Army Painter and I like the results it allows my model to be a much higher grade than I am capable of doing my hand.  I hope to learn how to do this by hand soon but lack anyone to mentor me (I'd love some feedback everyone).

Finally just decided to glue the visors and doors on.
I have three 'Rhino' Chassis in my army and I've always magnetized the doors and just popped on the turret and visors.  After some thinking I decided to glue the doors on.  Why?  Only two units have sponsons that use Rhino chassis and that is the Predator / Baal Predator.  Well I'd not buy a turret and sponson by themselves because they'd cost just as much as the Predator in box.  So why Magnetize models that don't need to be.  Also if I start to want to field HKs and Stormbolters I'll just drill a bit of a hole and put a magnet on the chassis itself.  By the way the 'hood' and the turret are not glued on so I can still swap turrets and put Rhino hoods on.
Yes its a TL Lascannon...I'll explain why.
As far as the choice in armaments.  I like the TL Lascannon.  I really just don't use the Plasma Gun nearly as much as I'd like and this would allow the Razorback to mitigate it's biggest weakness...its AV.  In addition I'm able to plop it on an objective with the troops inside it and still reasonably be able to take out targets.  Where in the past I was just always moving 12 inches to get that Lascannon fired until the plasma gun was in range.  This over aggressive play style for something that is effectively a vehicle sniper has caused a lot of problems.
So how did I paint it?
As far as painting.  I started with Chaos Black GW Primer and dry brushed the model with Mechrite Red.  This left many black spots that could be contributed as shadows or paint wearing off.  This "tank-brushing" technique is something I've played with but I'm also working with the traditional style as well.  The parchment sections are bestial brown with bleached bone over (I'm now using deneb stone with bleach bone).  The visors are dark angels green at the bottom with some snot green on the top section then a line of scorpion green at the top.  Finally a dot of skull white in the upper left corner.

So what do you all think?  Good for a newbie or just horrible period?  What can do to improve I want to keep pushing myself to improve and not afraid of trying new things.  My second razorback is actually thoroughly painted with a devlin mud coat so we shall see how that looks when its done.  Don't be shy all 7 of you I need comments!

"Knowledge is Power" ...The Initate


  1. Dude, you have 12 followers already!

    I use the Army Painter on some stuff myself. It's a life... er I mean time saver. I usually use the brush on method for a bit of extra control over the stuff. I did an article about it recently. I think your stuff looks fine, and I especially like the tanks.

    Also, I know it's frustrating not getting a lot of feedback. My advice is to just keep doing what you enjoy doing and post it. There are a lot of blogs on the internet now days and it takes a while to get noticed. Do you have a hit counter running? You might be surprised how many people come by even if they aren't commenting. I get way more page views than I ever get comments. Personally I started blogging as a way for me to keep track of what I've done. It's a pleasant surprise when anyone reads it, or comments. It's really nice/weird to go back a year or two and see what I was up to. Just my two cents.

  2. Thank you for the feedback! I know it probably came off as a bit emotional but wasn't intended that way. I try to comment on every blog I follow at least once a week (going to be following yours now).

    12? Wow, it almost doubled over night! I'm happy to see this as I've gotten like 4 comments over the night. I'll add the hit counter soon as it may help me get a more realistic outlook on this.

    I enjoy the quick shade even though I feel like I'm cheating.

    But back on the blog topic I plan to finish up my Land Raider here soon so I'll be posting some pictures of that!

    "The Initiate" -

  3. Hey found you from your self plugging on bols via brent lol. Your pretty local to me so thats usually a instant follow in my book. Good luck with the blog and I'll be popping in from time to time now. =)