Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Breaking the Mold.

Hey everyone (all 6 of you as of typing this).  I've had a few things running through my head as of late regarding the wargaming hobby and I need advice!

As I'm nearing my first 2000 list I'm beginning to think about what I want to do next.  Kind of wanted something new to do that is different than my Ravens so that I can break up the assembly line mentality I've been getting lately (somewhat felt like a zombie just painting marine after marine).  My first instinct was to build another army and I really like a few so here are my options:

1) First and foremost if a Sister of Battle (SOB aka Witch Hunter) 5th edition codex was announced I'd have no choice but to finish up my ravens before they release the models because although I'd never abandon my Ravens I would put them on the back burner for a bit to ramp up the Sisters.  I mean who doesn't love battle nuns with flame throwers?

2) The internet says that Necrons are getting a new codex...so it must be true!  But in all seriousness I've always liked their lore and they were fun (if not plain) to play on the PC game.  I already have a demonstration army for this faction (2 Necron Lords, 24 Warriors, 6 Scarabs Swarms) that I got for a really good price.  I'm sure they'd get new models but between scarabs, warriors and the lord I don't think they'd have anything fundamentally different that prevent me from fielding these.

3)  Tyranid, I know that many state these guys aren't worth buying because they aren't competitive (and they aren't imperial so probably never truly will be).  But they will get codex updates and my Ravens are really going to be my tournament lists and this army would be for painting or friendly fun games.  Oh, I have a Hive Tyrant on the shelf already (couldn't resist buying one).

4)  Imperial Guard...do I want to leaf blower?  I don't know a guy abandoned about a thousand points worth of these guys at my house and I've been dying to try them out.  Unfortunately he bought no tanks or Chimeras (he has a lot of infantry, a Hellhound and a Basilisk).  So maybe add to the army?

So there are the armies I'm actually interested in.  I figure to be honest my Blood Ravens can be any Marine Chapter I want them to be.  Buy a few IC's for the codex in question and any unique models and there you go!  I mean the Raven's don't know who their Primarch is and who's to say its not Lemon Russ or Sanquinius?

Let me know what you all think?  Should I start collecting a new army to break up the painting and games?  Or should I just find something else to do when I get annoyed altogether and focus on getting into some tournaments with what I know?

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  1. I am also currently in the same decision phase (though I am nearing completion on my second army and considering the third) so can understand the dilemma.

    Based your choices I would go with the one the seems to peak the most interest. See my comments below:

    1) Sister of Battle - IF they get a new codex they are bound to get a new release as well and allot of new players. FOTM crowd and all that.

    2) Necron - As it looks like you have a small Necorn demonstration army it makes sense to try thme for awhile. This will also allow you to add to the demonstration force and allow a greater variety of models to be showcased. Thier new codex and pending 'new' models may help here, but will suffer from the same FOTM syndrome as SoBs.

    3) Tyranids - The Net is wrong in regards to them not being competitive. The bugs do not play like any normal army. Locally we have two Nid players, using the 'hated' models they have found their army to be much stronger. Nids play best if one plays by their fluff, all units working in tandem.

    4) Imperial Guard - Leaf Blower, i frankly hate Net list (as you can tell) From the army you have you can add a squadron of Leman Russ, another Basilisk and go to town.

    In the end it comes down to a hard choice. I would go with the armies you have at hand. Make 1000 points worth of each and try them out the next time you play.

  2. I do love the look of a lot of Guard on the table. That said, if/when new Sisters models/codex comes out I'll be lifting my GW army starting freeze!

  3. To be fair I love the SOB, they are my favorite army from Dawn of War and I'd put my Ravens on the back burner for them. That said I have some ideas for other armies.

    1) Just to fight the lore I'd love to make a 'fallen' Grey Knight army.

    2) I'm torn between doing a traditional chapter or a chaos infected chapter of SOB. I've read that it has been over done especially the 'sexy bondage' nun themes.

    3) I'd really want to do a fallen IG. The standard lore just feels too...army like.

    4) I might just keep buying new kits from different marines for my Ravens, maybe some wolf cav or such. No reasons they can't be any chapter I want as long as they are represented properly.

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