Saturday, June 4, 2011

The dead walk again!

I've mentioned a few times that I have a 'demonstration' army for people who want to give Warhammer 40k a try so I thought I'd post some pictures of them for all to see!  Mind you this is a fairly cheap Necron army that I painted up in a matter of days.  So without further, here we go!
Not a huge force by any stretch.

Two Necron Lords and two warrior box kits.  The 'how' I got all this is worth mentioning.  To begin with I bought both warrior kits for like 10$ each on eBay which is quite the steal.  I went to my LGS to buy a Necron Lord to complete the army and the only two kits they had were missing their glow rods.  I gave the kits to the person in charge (Mike) and he wrote them off and gave them both to me!  He said that they were unsellable now and that I spent enough there that he'd rather just give them to me.  The last step was buying the glow rod replacements from eBay.

Their leader.  I didn't spend much time on him maybe an hour or two.
Adhering to my current level of models I painted the Necron Lord and gave him a unique base.  Now I didn't spent tons of time on him and that is mainly because his model lacks the level of detail giving to most current edition codex models.  I honestly probably spent more time on the base than him and after painting he was quickshaded which did come out pretty well.
For the amount of effort these guys look great!
The scarabs were easy too.  Army Painter Chainmail followed by black lined eyes with Blood Red and I'm done!  The basing is actually black plastic sand a friend found.
The Warrior...stop crying you will get an update soon enough.
Lastly, the Necron Warrior.  He was done the same level of the scarab only his 'glow tube' is scorpion green.  All models (including the Lord) were quickshaded with the medium tone after being sprayed with Army Painter Chainmail.  Eyes were all blacklined and then given a dot of blood red.

I feel this is a good example of how to get an army to 'table-top' quality easily for a new player.  It is certainly not going to be scoring any big painting points but it does have the three color minimum and is based.  So what do you all think?  At this point its just a small demonstration army for a quick skirmish (500 point) battle and doesn't even have a monolith.  Oh and the other Necron Lord?  He had a bad encounter with the Army Painter Anti-Shine and looks very foggy.  Normally I'd toss him or at very least strip him and start over but for the sake of this demonstration army it isn't worth it.

So what will become of these guys?  Well, for now they are sitting in a cabinet waiting for someone to try.  I won't be expanding them unless they get a codex update or I start having to give a lot more demonstration battles.

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