Monday, May 9, 2011

We will attack from the superior vantage point.

+++ Blood Raven Scout - Call-sign: "The Initiate" - Report begin +++
Upon landing on the planet our Brothers pushed back the green filth.  The Orks were so tightly packed I did not even have to aim my boltgun to send droves of them into the earth.  It was satisfying to do the Emperor's work and every Xeno dead brought me closer to truly understanding our Chapter's work.  That was, until my Sergeant took my bolt gun with me and told me we were moving.

He pointed to an Imperial Bastion that was completely abandoned.  It's boltgun turrets long expended of any ammunition.  We knew the Orks had no interest in it as there was nothing there to kill.  So we went, unarmed, quietly and quickly.  Our objective was the balcony of the bastion and we were to act as spotters for our long range artillery.  But why take away my arm?  I needed my boltgun, without I felt as if I was mocking my Brothers.
+++++++++++End Report, The Emperor Protects+++++++++++

The Initiate here with some more terrain I just finished (well it's been done for a few days, trying not to post too much too quickly).  Below you see an Imperial Bastion and as I've stated in the past I'm really trying to avoid doing to much custom work but at the same time improving my skills with every project.

It's gray, looks better in person I think.
I'm maintaining the basing color from my other terrains as I feel my club would really love a fully themed table instead of a bunch of randomized pieces.  I know the gray looks bland and this is mainly because I am still learning how to do blending and such.  Also my club mates were 'demanding' I wrap it up as I wanted to put blood splatters on the base and dry brush a green over the gray to give some character.  I may still but for now it is matted and in the terrain cabinet.

 As is obvious it is basically the exact model on the box.  I plan to eventually do more in the ways of battle damage and customized buildings as time goes on but right now I'm focusing on improving what I can do and trying some new techniques a bit at a time.  I am hoping this "better each time" methodology will aid me in a solid learning curve with presentable models (and terrain) and prevent a lot of frustration.

Well this is all I've to show you today!  Next terrain?  I need to get those craters done...or maybe that Rhino wreckage custom terrain I had in mind...who knows...more to come in terrain to be sure!

"The Initiate" - Knowledge is Power Brothers, guard it well.

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