Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Contribution!

As you all know I'm extremely new to not just Warhammer 40k but also the blog scene.  The main blog I stalk is Jawaballs's Blood Angels.  This guy is simply Warhammer mentality personified.  Now I'm not going to start singing his praises but check his blog out (chances are you came from his blog if yo are viewing mine) and you will see what I mean.  So on to the purpose of this posting.

I know that I am simply a whisper in the warp by comparison to the other bloggers who are stouting this logo but I figure if I get one donation from a random viewer than this work is well worth it.  Now for the bait.  The winners each receive a 3k army painted by some of the best painters in the hobby.  They even have custom made dice, which is awesome in itself.

The real reason we are donating is not the win the army though (though would be awesome) but all the money will be given to the Doctors Without Borders.  I must say that I am all for this charity.  One of the biggest problems with our world is we have segregated ourselves with countries and such.  Anyway I won't get into the politics.  Suffice to say, lets get these people some money and support our hobby at the same time!

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