Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mephiston Vs. Ork Boyz!

+++ Blood Raven Scout - Call-sign: "The Initiate" - Report begin +++
As he stepped down from the ship's ramp a large mob of Orks came crashing through our lines.  He took no time in formalities and moved with a sudden blur that would surely best even the Eldar Witches.  From this blur came a orb of blue that landed perfectly into the chest of the nearest Ork dropping him dead within the second.  As he approached the green mob his back sprouted large bloody wings and he jumped into the air several meters only to crash down into the middle of the orks.  I raised by boltgun to assist and was told not to open fire by my Sergeant.  Above the carnage I saw his Sword grow in size and turn red, already dripping with the blood of several hundred enemies.  When the destruction settled Mephiston was the only one left standing, although I doubt he survived without harm showed no signs of it.  He was truly the Lord of Death.
+++++++++++End Report, The Emperor Protects+++++++++++

Having completed my Mephiston model I wanteed to get straight into some theory-crafting on his cabilities.  Let me start by saying I know these are by no means accurate records of what would happen in a battle but more to give me and some newer Blood Angel players a guage of his capabilities without several deaths in real games.  So here we go...Mephiston vs. The Ork Mob...FIGHT!
Pff...only 30 of you?
Setup:  Mephiston vs. 29 Ork Boyz + 1 Ork Nob with Power Klaw
Rules:  Mephiston wins charge, all psyker powers auto succeed

Round 1:  I jumped over the mob into the upper right hand corner in an attempt to keep the Power Klaw out of combat for as long as possible.
Don't worry I'm not playing the Orks a fellow player named Eben is.  I wanted to ensure they have that added 'human' element.  This was our consolidation.
I killed several Ork Boyz and received no wounds on this round.  Really I only took like 3 wounds period this round.
Assuming I can deal with enough of the Ork Boyz before the Power Klaw gets into range I should be able to do this.
Round 2:  I kept killing Ork Boyz and he removed them from the ones out of combat.  He removed several Orks that weren't in battle and during his pile-in he got everything in base contact.  But thankfully, his Power Klaw was still too far to attack!  I did take two wounds to failed armor checks.
Sorry about this quality of this picture, will have to be more careful in the future.
 Round 3:  I was able to keep thinning the herd here.  And he completely failed the Power Klaw attacks.  My attacks where not amazing either.  Even with the rerolls I failed a few.
Next round I should be able to kill a majority of his orks.
Round 4:  I killed a few and his Power Klaw got one wound on me.  But he was running out of steam.  He caught me once (not in picture) so I was down to 1 wound left.
Two wounds left and his powerfist might as well be alone.
Round 5:  Suffice to I won this round.  Ending picture!
Mephiston Lives!  But was it worth it?
So lets analyze this.  It wasn't THAT big of a suprise that Mephiston Lived through this.  In fact the only real threat here was the Power Klaw.  But was he used effectively?  Should he ever realistically attack this squad in a real game?  Lets look at the point values.

Mephiston:  250
Ork Boys:  180 (Boyz) + 10 (Nob) + 25 (Power Klaw) = 215

So Mephiston has 35 Points on the Boys but they would have effectively tied him up for the entire game.  In that respect I think the boyz did what exactly an Ork Player would want them to do.  This blob squad essentially took a wrecking ball and held him down for the game.  In the one game I've played with my new Mephiston he was deadly even without using his psyker powers as much as I wanted to (damned Runes of Warding).

So lets be clear.  This awesome HQ's time is better spent wacking at vehicles in melee or destroying smaller and more essential squads (Nob squad or Lootas?).  I'll be doing more of these for sure; though not sure what.  My friend wants to try his luck with a Seer Council or a Banshee Squad so we shall see.

More to come, remember Knowledge is Power! - "The Initiate"


  1. Um...this happened to me and he swept my boyz in the during my turn in round 1 with the powerclaw on him I only gave him a total of 1 wound

  2. I'm new so forgive me if I'm missing something. But how did Mephiston sweep a 30 man ork boyz squad? At the very most he could cause 6 deaths leaving 24 and still rendering the squad fearless due to mob rule. Or am I missing something?

    "The Initiate" - calmbeforewar.blogspot.com

  3. In my opinion (as a fairly experienced ork player), Orks are about as bad a matchup as Memphiston can get. about the only thing in my army I am actually worried about Memphiston charging is my warboss. try to hold memphiston back until the warboss has engaged and then take him out.

    After that, the orks will take out Memphiston 9 times out of 10. I have faced him 5 or 6 times with my orks and have killed him every time. Dont' charge a blob. the results above are not normal, especially since the klaw will not usually be so far from the action. they will tie down memphiston all game and usually kill him in the end.

    and whatever you do, don't charge nobs with him. ever. I lost 3 nobs to him once, which hurt, but they whacked him that turn. I've even lasted a round of combat without losing a single nob against him, then squashed him with 5 klaws.

  4. Very true muffinman! I don't ever plan to charge this kind of squad with Mephiston so it was a learning experience. Even if he normally could win it wouldn't matter because they'd tie him up for the entire game.

    Against Orks I'd probably use him to kill vehicles and specialized squads like lootas. With that said thanks for the input this is exactly what I'm wanting from this blog. Advanced players giving us newbies techniques and input on our games!

    "The Initiate" - calmbeforewar.blogspot.com