Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Initiates Army Lists! (Part 2)

Okay so its time to go over my secondary army list.  I'll be honest the only reason this build exists is to try some new units but I was very careful not not break what I know works.  First thing you'll notice is that its very similar to my previous build except for the HQ and the inclusion of another Heavy Support.

This list is really just an excuse to field my Mephiston, who I'm very proud of!
Tactics:  Same basic concept except I need to get Mephiston in the thick of things as soon as possible.  I find it that he makes an amazing vehicle killer (S10, 6 Attacks, TL).  The Devastators just find a good vantage point to lob their missiles from.  Generally picking vehicles over infantry.  With the entire army I focus on eliminating anti-vehicle models first (being a mech list) then removing my opponents troops (if objective based) or easy KP (if Annihilation) Other than that it uses the same tactics as the previous list.  As I said I'm using what I know works and trying to learn new things in the process.

Possible Changes:  Maybe (once again) remove the Drop Pod and put him on the Stormraven.  Or maybe even on foot a Furioso would soak a lot of fire due to the fear of him getting too close.  Other than that not much to change (open to suggestions).

Odd Choices:  I love using Razorbacks, I really wish Assault Squads with Jump Packs were more viable but I can't just ignore the amazing nature of a scoring vehicle with 5 marines inside for 155 Points.

Once again what can I do to improve?  What do I add when we increase in points?  Weaknesses?

Knowledge is Power...Guard it Well "The Initiate"


  1. For both of your lists, I'd suggest dropping the Dread's pod and strapping it into the Stormraven. You can put the points saved into wargear for your assault squads or extra bodies, plus the Dread will be able to assault when coming out of the Stormraven instead of sitting there and getting shot when coming out of the pod. A Stormraven seems awful expensive when playing at 1250, but that's just me. I'm dying to get one myself, but I have yet to make a list that I like with a Stormraven in it.

    Have you looked at doing a Descent of Angels list? If all your assault squads have magnetized packs then you can swap between them easily.

  2. "This list is really just an excuse to field my Mephiston, who I'm very proud of!"

    Nothing wrong with that! Though generally I would think Mephy is a bit pricey for this points level. As far as it goes I think a couple of Baal Predators could really fit in well with the base of either list. They can cause your opponents some deployment headaches with their ability to scout or outflank. Also they can really add some good anti-infantry power to your list, which is currently a little lacking. Might not be a big deal if you don't face many hordes, but currently most of your list is high str. with low shots/attacks. Only your Furioso is really gonna excell against large numbers. A couple of Flamestorm Baals can put the hurt on both hordes and MEQ's.

  3. Eric, thank you for the comments it really does help a lot! I do like the concept of the Baal Predator. I really want to make a competitive list that uses the FOC to its fullest.

    More to come of course as we just moved up to 1500 Points and I'll be posting some of my builds for review!

    "The Initiate"