Sunday, May 8, 2011

Find cover Brothers!

+++ Blood Raven Scout - Call-sign: "The Initiate" - Report begin +++

The company's Librarian has instructed all scouts to begin maintaining personnel reports on our activities within the chapter.  "Knowledge is power" he says. "We must document, remember and above all guard it well." I know not why he insists on this, surely it is better to focus our bodies to be weapons of the Emperor?  No matter, I obey the will of the Chapter.

We arrived on the planet only a matter of minutes after we reached orbit.  A small speck of a planet that the Imperial Guard were defending from an Ork uprising.  They had constructed crude barriers similar to our own Aegis defense line.  The walls were little more than clumps of various metals thrown together and fused.  The barrier itself was more effective at stopping fire than my standard issue scout armor...but just barely.  But surely, the Emperor himself kept the walls standing after barrage after barrage of Ork fire.

+++++++++++End Report, The Emperor Protects+++++++++++

Sorry about the long gap in posts, been busy with the hobby (and some real life stuff came up).  I'm going to start trying to add a bit of fluff to my posts (as you can see above).  Does it work?  If you like it let me know!  If you hate it, well even more reason to let me know.

I recently completed some...well, interesting terrain pieces.  My Clan is struggling for Terrain but no one but me wants to make any.  We have an agreement that we divide the cost of the terrain up but even still money is lacking for additional terrain.  It also takes a good deal of time to properly paint some terrain, specifically it take time away from my Ravens.  So I decided to improvise with some sprue.  Behold!
I actually think these are pretty cool.
It may not be obvious what these are made out of immediately but they are basically the left over plastic sprues from my miscellaneous Warhammer 40k model kits.  It didn't really cost me anything aside from the paint and glue.  To be fair I could have not painted these and just left them as is as temporary terrain.
Even the pieces that hold it up are scrap.
My goal was to make it look like pieces of metal that were thrown together by the Imperial Guard (or maybe Orks).  This continues my theme of the "Imperial Wasteland" terrain I've been constructing.  I am waiting for my table to get built to base the table itself.  But I'm looking forward to a table that has a collective theme.  Back to the terrain at hand.
Good close up of the sprue wall.
I started with a base-coat of "plat-email" Army Painter primer.  Followed by some copper paint, a Badab Black and Devlin Mud Washes.  Finally I dry-brushed some Charadon Granite and matted the piece with Anti-Shine Army Painter spray.  This deadened the copper a bit which turned out great!

Let me all know what you think.  This is an easy cost effective way to make some decent terrain.  Could even be better if you had some spare bits from IG or Ork kits.

Knowledge is Power...

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