Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Lessons from the "Initiate"

No fluff for today.  Just want to start a posting that I'll be constantly updating with my little 'life-lessons' that I feel that any new player / painter should take into consideration.  I'll divide this into 'hobby' and 'battles'

It's sad to think how much money I've spent on this and its been less than a year!
Hobby Tips:
1)  Always spray your primer in short small burts.
2)  Unless its for a competition, painting the interior of a vehicle is never worth it, just seal it up.
3)  Never buy a model you won't open the moment you get home.
4)  Never paint or prime any piece you plan to directly glue.  Always shave it down to the plastic / metal.
5)  Always completely prime, paint and matt your model in one go.  Never half paint it then come back a few weeks later.  You'll be suprised how your technicques could have changed in that time.

Gameplay Tips:
1)  Always roll for 'The Red Thirst".
2)  Immediately purchase a tape measure.  It makes life infinately easier.
3)  Become familar with EVERY codex.  I cannot stress this enough, don't have to memorize just make sure you are familiar with it.

Well...three each is a good start.  Many of these things will be 'duh' to most players but I didn't originally think them so I figure that there have to be others the feel the same.

Knowledge is Power... "The Initiate"


  1. Heh, I *always* forget to roll for Red Thirst, though it's a great special rule to have. As for being familiar with each codex, I entirely agree- if you want to win in a competitive setting, you need to have at least *some* idea of what your opponent is capable of.

    So... good list. Though I don't really always prime my models with short bursts, and it seems to work for me :-p

  2. Thanks for the comment Xaereth. I use short bursts or 'sweeping' motions so I can ensure I don't over prime.

    "The Initiate" -