Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Initiate's Army Lists!

It's been a bit since my last post but its not from a lack of content just a lack of time.  Today I have two lists that I've been working on throughout my time playing Blood Angels.

So, I've two lists I'm going to post then explain my techniques, tactics and reasons for the choices.  I just took a picture of the excel I use because blog-spot doesn't like the pasting of excel files.  I hope this works out well but only time will tell (if you have a better method don't hesitate!).  Here we go!

This is my standard 'all-comers' list.
The above list contains just about everything that makes the Blood Angels a force of nature.  It has 3 Razorbacks, a Stormraven, our amazing Librarian and some terminators.  Don't forget that nasty little Dreadnought either!

I generally drop pod the dreadnought near a high priority target and melta / magna it.  I may also prep for a good charge depending on my opponents targets.  The Razorbacks advance enough to get lascannon shots off but also try to maneuver into range for the added plasma shots.  This is risky as they are only AV11.  The Stormraven is always turbo-boosting unless I feel fully unloading (1 Lascannon, 1 Multi-Melta, 4 Blood Strike Missiles) on a high priority target.  I unload those terminators on a enemy deathstar and just beat face in. 

Possible Changes:
1)  I've been thinking about removing some of the Thunder Hammers, but I don't play against much other than Mech Armies and those S8 Shots help. 
2)  Removing the Drop Pod would save 35 points (and one kill point) but I don't know what I'd spend the points in.
3)  Thinking of going from Las / Plas to TL Lascannon.  This would allow the razorbacks to remain in the back and never have to move into plasma range to be fully effective.  Also allows them to hold objectives easier.  But would also make them more vulnerable to close combat.

Odd Choices:
1)  My terminators have a lot of Storm Shield / Thunder Hammers because I play against a lot of mech.
2)  I use the drop pod for my Furioso because it forces my opponent to deal with me round one and takes fire off my Stormraven and Razorbacks
3)  My librarian and Priest are in Power Armor because I need the Grenades and not enough room in the Stormraven.

What do you all think?  I need advice!  Some suggestions I need is:  What armies will this falter against?  My club is moving up to 1500 soon, what do you suggest?  Am I doing something wrong?

This post is a bit long so I'm going to wait to post my second List, take care everyone!

Knowledge is Power...Guard it well "The Initiate"

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