Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Product Review: Simple Green

Greetings!  It can be very easy to forget when you are a senior member of any community that new hobbyist may not have all of the life lessons that you've experienced.  So, I hope that all of you that has seen something similar to this bare with me.  In fact, why not comment?  Just remember, be productive!

I have another product review and this one is about that product that many use to get off paint of their older (and in my case inferior) models.  I've seen a lot of recommendations on this product so I was hoping for good results.
Marines are required to carry a bottle of this when going into battle against Nurgle's Filthy Minions!

I've been told using 'simple green' to remove paint from my models is well...simple so let us see!
In you go! Techmarine knows best!
So without any consideration for the well-being for my AOBR Marines I dumped them in a tub of this.
Are we sure Nurgle has nothing to do with this?  Its

A few hours later, I got them out, scrubbed them with a tooth brush and let them dry.  Here are the results.

Hmm...Paint removed...well almost...but they are black, GW is strong in the primer category.
Hmm, I was hoping to remove the primer as well.  I've read that some are saying that with the new GW Primer this isn't possible.  I guess I shouldn't complain as a the model is still very much usable!  So over the course of a few days I got them out, scrubbed them and then soaked them in hot water.  After some air drying they went back into the green tub.
After the paint started coming off well I dunked a Dreadnought in as well.
So?  My results?  Well for six dollars I'm satisfied with the results.  I would have liked the primer to come off and there is still a small bit of red on the models here and there.  Here is a link of the marines themselves close up.
They are ready for a fresh layer of primer then some new paint!
Final Thoughts:  Worth the money but I'm not convinced there isn't a better way to do this.  I ended up leaving them in the simple green tub for almost a week.  I did not try resign part of me would rather just buy new models and put them together to start fresh.  But, I needed some test models for some new painting techniques for the Raven Red Armor (all my assault marines look like test models) and I plan to use them in a few upcoming challenges, more to come on that soon.

So what do you all think?  Is there a better method or is the best I'm going to get?  Did I do something wrong?  I still have a whole other squad to dip as well so there is room for improvement.  Don't hesitate to give me your thoughts.

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  1. Hm, I just bought some of this myself, actually. I actually think reviews like this are extremely helpful, since I didn't know about it until like 2 years after I started painting.

    Pine Sol was always what I tried to use, and it worked about 10% of the time, fucking my models up 90% of the time.

    I'm going to link your blog to my site, but on the condition that you keep up regular posts the way you've done up til this point :-p

  2. Thanks Xaereth. I know a lot of what I'm going to cover has been done in the past but I feel they need a perspective of a new player.

    I've got a few articles in the works right now, working on a challenge as well. I hope to have something up soon.