Monday, June 6, 2011

1850 List thoughts?

I have a list I'd like everyone to look at and give me some feedback if you all have the time.  So below I have a screen-shot (blogspot doesn't like excel) of the list I'd like to try.  I like the theme...tons of dakka and a wall of 13 AV.

One thing you will notice it is a complete mech angel list.  Secondly you will notice that there is no deathstar and no 'extra-armor'.  My thought on this is that I have a combined forces list here.  Similar to an IG 'leaf-blower' list I have so much going out in the ways of fire power my opponent will be unable to react to every threat.  Or the "oh, you stunned my predator?  It's okay I got two more for you!" mentality.

Here is the setup.  The 10 (yes 10) tanks will shoot away while advancing with the Dreadnoughts in between them.  The goal is to keep as many tanks in the 6 inch bubble of the Librarian.  The advance will be done in 6-12 inch movements depending on my opponent but considering I have 10 Lascannons (3 TL) shooting from round one and 6 S7 (Autocannons) shooting as well I see little that could stand up against this 'rolling thunder' build.  Also I like the 13 front armor.  Its hard to penetrate but low enough not to lose huge value from 'lance' and finally...its cheap enough to reproduce so that rending doesn't destroy me.  Even a broadside is going to need 4+ to pen and I don't see enough anti-vehicle in most lists to stop this tide.  And of course, the Furioso's are there to prevent charges and deal with hordes.

So thoughts people?  I really need some feedback.  The biggest problem I have with this build is that I'd need to buy a lot of expensive models!

Knowledge is Power... "The Initiate"


  1. Heh, it's not a terrible list by any means. I don't like the TL Las Cannon Razors vs. the Las/plas ones, since the las/plas is way more versatile, especially with fast razorbacks.

    Otherwise... the Dreads are cool, and the AV13 spam is slightly obnoxious/hard to deal with, but honestly, what are they going to accomplish? Hopefully they can run up and punch someone- they aren't a bad choice I think- not my favorite, but try it out and see how it suits your play style.

    I DON'T like the lack of melta in the list. What happens when you face 2-3 Land Raiders? Please don't tell me you think a few Las Cannons will solve all your problems for you- they won't.

    Otherwise, looks good, your lists are getting better for sure :)

  2. Thank you for the comments Xaereth.

    I like the TL Lascannon because it makes me less aggressive with my razorbacks. They are my only scoring models and I tend to shove them in the front lines. This way I get a better chance to pop enemy vehicles from afar and keep objectives.

    The Dreadnoughts are there to counter charge and caution people against charging me to begin with.

    There are actually 3 melta guns...I know not a lot but each Furioso has a meltagun on it. As with fighting 2-3 Land Raiders I'm hoping the 10 Lascannons + 3 Assault Cannons will glance and supress until the Furioso's can get into melta range.

    What do you think I can do to improve this you make some really good points. I was thinking of taking out some Baals and putting in some attack bikes thoughts?

    "The Initiate"