Monday, June 20, 2011

You voted, now here it is!

I haven't posted much as of late.  Believe me it is not from a lack of content.  Actually, I've been really busy and hope to have a few posts up here soon.  So let me start by announcing the results of my poll.  I hope you all voted because you are going to be seeing a lot more polls in the future!  So without further let us talk about the post as it is.

Here it is, the Blood Angel Baal Predator.  This is a very popular model from what I can tell for any Blood Angel player.  Fast, Scout and has TL Assault whats not to love?  Oh, did I mention it has the Predator AV value!

As of posting this I've yet to actually begin assembly but I hope to soon!  I'll be posting up a new hobby progress article with what I've actually completed.  So, I hope you all look forward to this tank slowly coming together!

"Knowledge is Power..." The Initiate

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