Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Initiate's Hobby Progress (06/21/11)

As promised I thought I'd post some of the models I've recently completed!  Please don't be shy in providing feedback.  I also welcome criticism and suggestions just understand that I've only been painting since October 2010 and make sure it is productive.  Here we go!
And...we have Tanks!

Behold!  The Blood Ravens first reinforcements to stem off the tide of the Xeno, the Heritic and Unclean!  Okay to be fair, the two TL Lascannon Razorbacks have already been featured but I thought they looked col so sue me.
The Land Raider, when it absolutely must reach the battlefield with overwhelming amounts of awesome!
I am really happy with how this monster came out.  To the point that I show him off to guests who don't even play 40k.  Oddly enough I think the Assault Launchers came out the best and just makes the entire model pop.  It really wasn't that hard to paint other than deciding a few colors here and there.
My friends say the interior is too 'clean' and high class for a vehicle of death and destruction.  I say let them say that after my terminators clean their armies' entrails off their armor!
I even did the interior.  Now let me say I won't ever do this again unless for some reason I start to enter for painting competitions.  I know how awesome the interior is but no one else can really see the work and results without excessive lighting and time.

Notice the side door is left open just a bit.
I had a problem.  I went through the effort of painting the side door panels (the inside ones with the door and utility closet) and damned if I was going to just glue the doors shut.  So I went for an 'action pose'.  To be fair I'm sure I'll have to glue them shut eventually as they will probably break off.

No enemy shall ever see this unless its the last bloody vision as they realize all their bones are crushed!
A picture of the back.  Overall I'm very pleased with this.  Just one thing now, it needs name.  I think I'll avoid thinking about that till it spills some blood for the Emperor.

So?  Thoughts?  Suggestions, questions, death threats?  What can I do to ensure my next tank is even more epic?  Come one link me a good tutorial, technique or better color scheme?

"Knowledge is Power..." The Initiate

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