Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rules I'd change

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I've been trying to find my stride with this blog, I'm not sure exactly what I offer to the community as a newbie either but I feel I can at least open up for some good discussion!  So, I'd like to start something that I hope will be a weekly addition to my blog.

I will be providing a rule, a wargear, a...something in 40k that I'd like to see changed and why, this could be lore reasons, balance reasons, etc.  So I want to start with a piece of wargear that is close to my heart.  I'd say it is one of the figure-heads of the 40k Universe.  The Chainsword!

Normal CCW?  Really?

Currently the Chainsword is a normal Close Combat Weapon for the purposes of the tabletop game.  I'd like to see this changed.  One thing I hear commonly is that it is the CCW weapon for a lot of models so changing it would not be possible or that fluff wise Space Marines tend to use it almost every time.  Well to begin with there is another CCW that Space Marines can use...the Combat Blade.  This could be the weapon we use for the basic close combat weapon.

So what change would I like to make on this weapon?  Its a fairly simple one, give it rending.  From a fluff standpoint it works well because it is a blade made of swirling adamantium sharpened teeth this will rip through just about anything if it gets a good hold on it even armor.  To be clear I'm not sure how game changing this would be but I see it being about a 5 point upgrade from a normal Combat Blade.  Modeling would be the one hiccup because there just really aren't that many power armored combat knife arms.  But I think this would be resolved with the new wave of models as with the newer models (Grey Knights) they seem to be making the hands and weapon separate from the arm itself which is a good step in the right direction.

So, a brief recap:

Wargear - Chainsword
Change - Give it rending
Codex Alteration - Add 5 points to model or remove it and give them combat blade
Model Kit Alteration - Going to need some power armor combat blade arms. 

What do you all think?  Comments and suggestions please!

Knowledge is Power...

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