Friday, March 9, 2012

Bleached Bone: Still trying to get it right.

Being that one of the colors of my army is 'parchment' and I find that the color bleached bone works the best for it I am having some big problems with the consistency of it.

Here is my problem...

1)  Control and Consistency:
At base it is way to thick but when I wash it down (with distilled water or even acrylic thinner) it just becomes a mess and is impossible to control.  Unlike my reds and even the metallic colors (shocking actually) it will obscure detail heavily. 

2)  Dry-Brushing:
It also doesn't respond very well to dry-brushing, at least when I attempt it.  What happens is that It leaves the model with a 'chalky' look instead of actual paint. 

3)  Building Up and Highlighting:
Lastly, it doesn't seem to work well with shading in the way I normally shade things.  I normally use Devlan Mud and then bring up the open areas up leaving the recesses washed, then finally taking one shade higher and highlighting the areas that would get light by a comination of line highlighting and zenithal shading.

If anyone has any suggestions let me know I seem to be finding ways to correct the issues here and there but I feel more like I'm reacting to the paint and less like I'm controlling it...

Any assistance through tutorials and such would be amazing!

"Knowledge is Power..."  The Initiate.

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  1. Hey buddy i tend to add a little water to my brush and load the paint straight from the pots lid and i find it pretty fine and easy to work with. Failing that if you go over to from the warp there is a bunch of tutorials on there or you could email Ron and he will email you back the support you need or even put a tutorial together and post oit up on his blog. hope this is a help for you