Monday, February 13, 2012

First of Three WIP Armies

Tonight I'd like to review some of the armies I'm currently working on and hopefully get some feedback from all of you.  Lets start with the army that got me into the hobby:

Please GW / FW I want that shoulder pad and chest piece.

 - The Blood Ravens - 
Obviously this is a Marine Army but I'd like to state something for any lore elitist out there:  I love lore, I read the 40k books heavily and have read cover to cover EVERY codex.  That being said, every single marine codex (yes, this includes Grey Knights) will be Blood Raven themed.  I am not trying to power game or codex jump, every model will be uniquely made for the given codex but themed in Blood Ravens (if you don't like it please remember, these are my models and I'm not breaking any rules as the models will represent all wargear).  I don't see myself making any exceptions for this but if I do it will be for the sake of wanting to paint or model something different.  Let me give some examples:

A tank column of Blood Raven vehicles that have been dispatched to begin a siege against an enemy who is well entrenched:  Blood Angel Codex

A regiment of aspirants (our pre-scouts) and their mentors:  Black Templars

An elite force of 1st company veterans and our specially equipped squads of Librarians:  Grey Knights

A company that has recently been resupplied with new Marines after being nearly wiped out, we have some very veteran leaders but our rank and file are freshly promoted to battle-brother:  Space Wolves

The Battle-Brothers of the 1st & 2nd Company that fell to chaos because of Azariah Kyras and gave themselves to (oddly enough?) Khorne:  Chaos Space Marines

With some examples out of the way, how do I plan to maintain a theme?  Well to begin with all of my models will be painted in the Blood Raven colors, this is the Crimson Red with Parchment and Black Details (blood ravens are unique in the fact that all of our detail color on shoulders is black regardless of company / squad).  I am working on some stencils for my vehicles (big black raven on roof!) and lots of 'knowledge' iconography like books, scrolls and such.  All weapons and wargear will be properly presented (If I need a weapon that is special to the codex, say an Infernis Pistol or a Psycannon the model will have the actual model and not 'counts as or proxy'.  Ideally units of veterans or 1st company will use modified Grey Knight Models because they are beautifully done and just need to shave off the Inquisition stuff).  Vehicles are pretty easy as most vehicles are non-specific already and special characters will have their represented wargear appropriately but will be custom models based off Blood Ravens from the books / games.

Some Ideas I have for special characters:

A Furioso Dreadnought painted with a black left arm:  Chaplain Prathios from the 3rd Company
Mephiston:  Captain Gabriel Angelous wielding the Varicanum
Vindicare Assassin:  Sergeant Cyrus
Librarian bare boned - Librarian Niven
Wolf Lord with Thunder-Hammer and Wolf Mount - Gabriel Angelous with Godsplitter and Bike

These are just a few ideas...let me know if you have suggestions or more ideas!  More to come as I'm working on two other armies right now.

"Knowledge is Power"

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