Monday, April 30, 2012

My First Battle Report!

Okay, I've been meaning to start some battle reports and this will be my first attempt.  Over my last few games I've been trying to get into a better habit of taking pictures.  I'll do my best to provide the turn by turn but this is a big learning experience for me so if you have any suggestions let me know!

First I'd Imagine we need to focus on the lists:

Vargard Obyron
Necron Warriors(5)
Necron Warriors(5)
Canoptek Wraiths (3), Whip Coils, Particle Caster
Annihilation Barge

Tervigon, Regeneration, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Catalyst
Hive Guard (2)
Genestealer Brood (5), Scything Talons
Hormagaunt (15)

To be fair the Tyranids were played by our newest player.  This was literally his first game with his bugs.  I have always loved the Tyranids in concept but don't find them terribly competitive.  One day I will own a horde style army that includes tons and tons of little bugs scurrying at your target.  As some of you know I'm the groups unofficial 'leader' I the demonstration games, know the rules the best and generally make the most effort to get new members.  This guy was our newest addition and originally was going to play Necrons (one of my demo armies) but then fell in love with the Tyranids due to his StarCraft experience.

Please note he played with the models he had and I know the Tyranid codex and where the threats are.  I've always felt that my groups biggest weakness is target priority.  So lets get started!

The Setup:
Point Value - 500
Deployment - Mini Pitched Battle (3 by 4 table 'ish')
Mission Type -  Annihilation (we chose this because it was his first real game)

Sorry about the blurry pictures, planning on buying a real camera soon.

He deployed fairly as I'd expect him.  He's lucky I wasn't playing with anything long range or I'd have picked off his Tervigon round one.  Mind you this is a 500 point game so not much going on here.  I deployed Obyron by himself standing out in the open as I knew he didn't have anything to pick him off and the warriors were all standing in the 5+ cover.  My plan here was to eliminate any range ability he had as quickly as possible (namely his Tervigon and Hive Guard) and make the rest come to me.  I also reserved for deepstrike the 3 Wraiths.

Round One
Obyron is actually standing right behind the stone block but kept falling off.

He oddly moved his army to the right of his board (big mistake in my opinion) and kind of started skirting his genestealers, hormagaunts and newly created termigants towards me.  I ghostwalker mantled Obyron into that corner and ran him out of LOS of the majority of his army.

Round Two
Really Blurry, sorry.

He completely ignored Obyron (big mistake) and kept skirting towards me (another mistake).  He started moving through cover which didn't bother me as it was beyond the range of my Warriors and my Barge didn't really care about a 5+ cover save (since it is AP -).  I ended up assaulting the Hive Guard with Obyron and wiped them out.  Did take 1 wound however.

Round Three
He continued to ignore his flanks.
I deepstruck Obyron back near my front lines and scattered beautifully between my warriors and his army.  I was hoping to run to that point but this thankfully made things easier.  Moved my barge to screen for my warriors.  My Wraiths came down and sneered at his Tervigon.  I shot his Genestealers off the board.

Round Four
The lid smashes shut on the bugs.
All in a flash (well as flashy as Necrons can) Obyron assaulted a Termagant Squad and the Wraiths assaulted the Tervigon.   Fearless turns out to be a huge hindrance for him due to my I2.  Somehow the Tervigon lives but the squad of termagants is lost.

Round Five

Sorry, no pictures for the rest of the game.  Must have forgot or maybe I just got too into slicing bugs into small pieces.  I shot off the rest of his Hormagaunts (meaning that neither his genestealers or hormagaunts got into CC) and destroyed the Tervigon.  Shot up a bit of his termagants forcing a leadership which he failed and they began the long run to the board edge.  He shot up one of my Warrior Squads wiping them out and shot up the second killing 2 of the 5.

Round Six

No picture here either.  It was pretty much over at this point.  Wraiths and Obyron kept wiping out squads, I think a wraith got a wound.  I hid my other warriors behind a wall.  The game ended at this point with me wiping out his forces.  Score was 9 to 2 I think.

My Thoughts:

I don't know why he zigged zagged at me.  He doesn't either, first game mistake.  He could have waited to spawn more termagants and that would have been fine but he ignored my Wraiths and Obyron when they came down.  I figured they would get shot to pieces after their deepstrike but he was more concerned getting to my warriors and barge.  I'm sure I made some mistakes too but it is hard to think about them when all my mistakes ended up paying dividends regardless.

So what do you all think?  I understand this is only a 500 point game and it is terribly small but we are a growing gaming group trying to recruit new players, learn to paint, learn the rules, etc.  Speaking of which we are starting an escalation league with the intention to improve these things.

As always, comments, suggestions?

"Knowledge is Power..."


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