Saturday, November 5, 2011

Initial Thoughts on the Necron

**This was something I was writing up before I received the Necron Codex.  I now have it and will be writing a 'review' of it soon.  I simply wanted to post what I had to see the opinions I had before receiving said codex, enjoy**

So I thought I'd cast some thoughts into the worst kept secret from GW.  Namely the Newest codex:

To begin with I'd like to discuss some of the themes on the army as we know it.  Please note that I DO NOT have access to a leaked codex or anything of the sort.  I am simply going by what I've read in White Dwarf, The GW site and the occasional leaked information (namely 3++ and Faeit 211) so please take this with a grain of salt (even less since I'm new to the game by comparison to most of you).

Leadership 10:
I really wonder how this will effect the codex.  Generally it matches the codex of 'no fear' I mean if you body was a adamantium skeleton that could be repaired and rebuilt at a moments notice.  Basically this army is composed of a battalion of 12 year old Call of Duty Players.  So Necrons will manage most morale checks and leadership checks fairly easily.  But in assault will probably end up losing combat and may end of failing morale with the modifiers.  At that point they would be rolling for sweeping advance...which leads me to another issue.

Initiative 2:As a ranged focus army this doesn't really bother me all that much.  Considering the vast survivability of this it needs to have a weakness but I'm not sure if I2 is really too much...maybe I3 so it goes after quicker units (like space marines).  One issue I do have this with is the so-called 'close combat specialists' of this codex still appeared to be I2, I am hoping they have some kind of wargear or special rule that buffs this.  The highest Initiative I seen was 4 and that was with the C'tan Shards.  The world of Force Halberds and Death Cult Assassins I fear even the melee focused ones will just get swept aside before even attacking.  Needless to say unless the close combat specialist have something up their sleeves the Necron may see itself just shooting and forgoing some of the frankly awesome models that focus on assault (necron Stormshield terminators FTW!).

Psychic Defense:
I have not seen any form of psychic defense noted well...anywhere.  This concerns me greatly but they really haven't gotten into many of the units that would normally get defense (HQs mainly) but we've also noticed big themes across the entire army in the form of special abilities like Decent of Angels, Power from Pain, Counter Attack, and the many Grey Knight ones.  So I'm hoping there is some kind of "necron" type that gives a good psychic defense because (although I'm not sure if this has changed) they are completely removed from the warp with means they might be resistant to psychic attacks.

This is kind of a mixed bag, I see a lot of potential here in the ways of fast skimmers, deep-striking, and jump infantry.  But at the same time I see a lot of room for kind of 'undead tide' Ork-ish mindset and frankly that sounds pretty awesome.  But time will tell, the Ghost Ark only holds ten models so it leaves a full 20 man Warrior squad kind of hoofing it or being spit out by a Monolith (I'm making the assumption this is still possible).  Apparently there is a Crypttek model that can be attached to squads that allows it to do something similar to Gate of Infinity as well and this could add a lot...although I would be weary about placing a 20 man squad.

Wolf Guard:
From what I can tell the Cryptek and Lords are basically going to work like a Wolf Guard which I love.  It adds a huge amount of customization for the otherwise lackluster warrior squad (not sure if they can be added to other squads).  All that remains is the point cost for the upgrades as the teks are apparently 35 and the lords are 45.  So for a few points adding a 'tech power' or buff to the squad could be really nice.

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