Saturday, October 29, 2011

Armored Column

I thought I'd get things started with posting my current 1850, which I call the Blood Raven Armored Column.  I'll also be providing some of my basic strategies.  Now let me be clear that this list is not optimized in anyway shape or form.  I know the models aren't optimized but they are the models I currently have and my focus is just getting 1850 games played (my thought is experience is gained and I've so much to learn it doesn't matter).

So, My list:

Yes, I know it is Excel.  I prefer it as it helps me learn my list.
The Tactics:
So, 1 Librarian, 2 Land Raiders and a bucket load of Rhino Chassis's.  My general tactic is to stay at range and just pelt my opponent with as much focused fired as possible.  I feel against most lists I have an advantage as my entire army is mech so their normal anti-infantry range will be normally useless.  As my entire army is able to focus just on their anti-mech units.  In otherwords 100% of my army is able to focus on 50% of his army while his 50% must focus on my 100%...double win.  At least that is my thought in concept.

Why AV13:
Because it is cheaper than AV14 and doesn't hurt as much verses lance but provides a solid defense against 'light anti-mech' guns such as Missile Launchers, Autocannons, etc.  Also since it is cheap it is spam-able enough to create target saturation and combined fire.

What this list is NOT:
This list is not about the infantry as the majority of the time the infantry are dead as soon as their can is popped.  With that revelation and understanding that AV13 is where my army shines I've resigned away from RazorSpam and focusing on my Elite, Fast, Heavy Vehicles.  Ultimately I'd like to have at least 3 Razorbacks to provide scoring.

The Weakness:
So, where am I suffering here?  Well, I seem to have a big issue with assaults.  Generally if they take the time to assault my vehicles they are gone.  I try to counter this by always moving 6 inches and 12 is possible.  The problem I run into is space as I'm constantly having to shift my vehicles I run out of room fast.  Also being that the models I have are not optimized I encounter another issue there.

What's Next:
I'd like to expand my Fast Attacks with more Baal Predators and remove a Land Raider.  It is my personal opinion that Land Raiders are not worth their points (and even less so when it doesn't have a big killy squad inside it).  So, I plan to remove a Land Raider freeing up well over 300 points and add at least one Baal Predator.  The real strength of this list will be the AV13 wall.  So I need more Baal Predators, Vindicators, Predators and Furioso Dreadnoughts.  Ultimately, I plan to have 3 Baal Predators, 2 Vindicators, 1 Predator and 2 Furioso Dreadnoughts.  The rest of the points will be invested into Razorbacks and a Liberian.

What I'm Undecided About:
I'm not sure what turret I want for the Razorback, being the weakest armor in my list I'd like to put TL Lascannons and call it a day as they sit in the back and peck at their targets.  But at the same time I cannot deny how effective the TL Assault Cannon is against most targets.  Also I'm not 100% on the Heavy Bolters on the Baal Predators.

Regardless only time will tell on what I do with this list.  I'm open to any and all suggestions or comments.  So by all means please let me know!  Got a list that will table me?  Show me and let me know what I can to better combat it.

So my questions to you all:
Where are my weaknesses?
What list(s) will give me trouble?
Where can I improve?
Does anyone have experience with a similar list? And what do you do?

Remember..."Knowledge is Power"

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