Saturday, April 30, 2011

Required Wargear for any battle!

I wish I could take credit for finding this, or even of thinking it up myself.  But to be honest I was looking on the Stout Smurf's Blog and knew this was something any Initiate needed!  So here is a link for an amazing quick reference sheet.

Any good scout sergeant will ensure his squad brings this to every battle.  This is more important than your armor or your bolter and is second only to your faith in the Emperor!

It is also important to have any FAQ that has been released for your codex.  This is especially important with factions that have had rules changed or clarified in a way that provides us an advantage.  The biggest thing I can think of for this is the Baal Predator Scout move and smoke launchers.  Blood Angels are here.

Unfortunately, It doesn't seem we have a reference sheet for Blood Angels.  I've got a scanned printout of my final page of my codex that I use.  I am working on a sheet that has my most commonly used abilities and powers for reference in case they needed but I find myself memorizing most of it before I can document it.

Finally, there is a roster sheet.  I do not like this personally, but to each their own.  The way it is designed you'd have to manually write everything in on a print out which reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheets.  I eventually Link is found here.

Remember my friends, knowledge is power...guard it well.

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