Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet the Blood Ravens

My Ravens, every model is included regardless of completion.  Lot of models I don't even use anymore...*sigh*

I figured the best thing to do would be to start out by 'introducing' to everyone my Blood Ravens themed Blood Angels.  So here we go and I apologize for the quality of the photos as this is all done from my Droid.

  Next I'll go over each unit and generally how they are fielded.  Notice the Drop Pod and the Tactical Marines and the Predator...yeah I don't field them anymore.

My Librarian.  Really is my favorite HQ.
The Librarian is by far my favorite HQ so far.  He's got a solid stat-board and an amazing set of powers.  Personally, I field him with Unleash Rage and Fear of the Darkness, although I have been leaning towards Sanguine Sword and Shield of Sanguinius.  I have yet to take any upgrades for him.

Chaplain or Reclusiarch
I've become fond of this model as he's one of the few troops I have with a invuln save.  I haven't given him any wargear but he's always been able to pull his weight in blood.

Sanginuinary Pries done up in Apothecary colors keeping with my Theme.
My group doesn't know it...but this guy causes them a lot of trouble.  You all can keep a secret right?  I field him with a power weapon because if I don't I can't justify him leaving his tin can.  Modeling wise this was my first custom based model and the one I'm most proud of.

My Stormraven Gunship.  Go ahead and shoot it as my army gets into position.
My group hates this model no matter how I field it.  The sounds of them shouting 'over-powered' would bother me if I could hear them over their models screams of death and suffering that this thing causes.

Two Razorbacks and a Predator.
Not really a predator anymore as I generally field 3 Razorbacks with Lascannon / Plasma Gun for each.  These guys are the work horses of my current build.

I've learned to love Dreadnoughts.  Especially the Furioso kind.
The one on the left is the AOBR Dreadnought and I don't use him much anymore.  The right one is fielded as a Furioso Dreadnought and is one of my new favorite models.  A friend of mine sold me a Chaplain Dreadnought from Forgeworld and I'll be repairing him and painting him up soon.  He will be getting a custom base too.

It's about half-ish done.  Started focusing on models that I'm fielding.
I want to use it...never have the points but I recently purchased an Assault Terminator Squad so I hope to soon.

The only Assault Squad I've got done thus far.  Plus that Terrian is my first done ever!
I really like the assault squad.  This one has a Meltagun and a Power Fist.  I'd never field that all in a 5 man but I would love to in a 10 man.  Side note that is the Terrain I just finished and was my first ever done.

Fear ME!  Well, as soon as he's fieldable.
I played a game with Mephiston once using my Chaplain as a counts as.  Even though I forgot to move him half the time he still was a massive whirling death machine.

Well thats about all of the models I care to show.  Not mentioned is 20 Tactical Marines, a Drop Pod, Terminators, an AOBR Captain and a few other misc models.  So let me know what you all think?  Are the models linked any good and what can I do to improve my next ones?  Is there something Blood Angels I must have or a crucial change to a wargear?

Finally, if anyone has information on Blood Raven cannon so I can field them better let me know.  I've changed Sanguinary Priest and Librarian away from Blood Angels pattern to Blood Ravens but I want more custom models.


  1. Very impressive collection that you've built up so far, it definitely looks like a tough force to go up against. Also the painting looks great, especially considering the short amount of time that you have been in the hobby. In particular the Apothecary style Sanguinary Priest is outstanding... well done!

    Even if you don't find the Tactical squads, Drop Pod, etc. useful I recommend you still hang on to them. It's always nice to have extra minis for more options when you're starting out, even if only to allow for games at higher point levels. Later on also for the sake of variety you may decide to try out a different Space Marine codex in which case those scoring Tactical dudes can come in handy.

  2. I've been looking at maybe dabbling in SM Codex as I don't want to be a one hit wonder and I feel it will make me more competitive to branch out to different codex's.

    I don't plan on getting rid of any of my mini's unless a good offer is placed for them in trade. Also, thank you for the painting feedback, its something I'm trying to improve on with every model.

    In fact up close all my models look like test models because I'm constantly trying new things. I think this is good for the long term as I'll improve my painting skills faster at the cost of conforming.